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Pay at discounted rates using these cryptocurrencies for a single session.
 All you need is to have is some currency and a mobile wallet. Single session 50 pounds. (Pay at session).

£ Deposits, balances &  Variable Rate    (Amount set by customer at checkout).

Fees IMPORTANT NOTICE. Re: Initial Consultation.







£55.00 per single session pay on day by cheque /cash or…………………………..

£100.00 Stop smoking. (Min £25 deposit now required). Either pay In full here, pay your balance below before your session or by cash or cheque on the day …………….

£250.00 for 5 sessions   Payable in advance by cheque/cash or……………………..

Click on the buy now buttons to pay via paypal. After a few seconds you will be redirected to the paypal site where you can complete your payment.

Please note when making advanced payments we will still need to arrange your appointment times. I will contact you by email or phone to arrange your times. Daytime & evening appointments are available. All bookings are subject to terms & conditions found by clicking on the blue arrow .


Deposits & variable rates

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Cancellation conditions.

Within reason, appointments are subject to a minimum 24 hours cancellation policy for either cancelling or re-arranging. There is no charge for cancellation with this amount of  notice. I reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full if no fair notification is received. All cancellation notices must be received via telephone or E-mail at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time.  Please note that I no longer offer a free initial consultation. Unfortunately, this is because of a minority of people taking my time for granted and just not showing up.
An Initial Consultation will now be charged the same as a £55 standard session. Please be aware that this must be paid in advance. Without payment, your appointment is not confirmed



Unfortunately, due to a number of people not turning up for  their free Initial consultations, and seemingly not valuing my clinic time set aside for them, I no longer offer this option . Therefore a full session fee now applies.

This must be paid in advance of your appointment before your appointment is confirmed. The fee is £55.00. Please use the buy now button to the right.




I accept these cryptocurrencies
using your mobile wallet.